At Oshkosh Office Systems, We Know Documents

Document production, distribution, routing, and storage are our business. We can help you increase productivity and cut costs during each of these phases.

Established in 1898

Oshkosh Office Systems is truly a pioneer in the office equipment industry. As one of the oldest, independently owned office equipment and supply companies in Wisconsin, we have an established tradition of offering high-quality products backed by an experienced team of dedicated staff. For our customers, that means the latest technology with an old-fashioned sense of customer service. It gives us the ability to be creative and customer responsive.

Loyal Customer Base

We consider our long-term relationship with our customers a compliment to the service they have received from us. We are proud to have customer relationships dating back to the 1920s. In our most recent customer satisfaction survey, our customers unanimously said that they would highly recommend Oshkosh Office Systems.

Long-Term Employees

One of the major reasons we have kept our customers so long (and so satisfied) is our long-term employee base. Low turn-over builds customer confidence and a relationship between our customers and our associates. Our staff receives continuous training so you can be assured they are at the leading edge of technology.

Recognized Customer Service

Oshkosh Office Systems is proud to be a recipient of Ricoh Corporation’s Masters Circle, awarded for sales and service excellence based on customer response to an international customer survey. Our regular customer surveys assure us that we have not overlooked what makes and keeps a satisfied customer and includes all aspects of our service.

Five-Star Solutions Certified

Ricoh Corporation has recognized Oshkosh Office Systems as a Five-Star Solution Certified Dealer.  To our customers that means our sales and service employees have obtained industry standard certifications to rapidly diagnosis workflow issues and propose industry standard solutions.